Discover why an LMS is an amazing tool for creating and managing online training activities

An LMS (learning management system) is used by businesses to create online courses and manage daily training tasks.

Here are the main LMS benefits for companies:

  • Boosts employee productivity and performance
  • Instructors save time in their daily training tasks
  • Tracks learner progress easily at each learning stage
  • Enables learners to learn at their own pace
  • Reduces costs for training facilities, licenses, and more

What’s an LMS?

An LMS is an online training hub that provides a large and indispensable set of features to support e-learning activities such as creating and delivering training, tracking employee performance, and selling online courses.

Here are the most important uses of an LMS

Uses edu content

Creating and delivering training content


Assessing learners and analyzing their results

Uses selling courses

Selling online courses

Uses student achievement

Tracking learner progress and performance

Uses collaboration

Collaboration on projects

Uses training

Training the extended enterprise

In this tech-driven world, companies need a fast and effective way to train employees, organize training materials, store data and manage learner audiences. They also require a complete solution to train clients and partners and generate revenue by selling courses.

Icon easy to implement

Who is an LMS made for?

An LMS is suited for companies of all sizes and industry sectors. It is a versatile solution that covers employee and extended enterprise training needs. Training companies also use a learning platform to sell online courses to their clients. Typical users are instructors, learners, administrators and management.

Instructors Instructors
Learners Learners
Admins Administrators
Managers Managers

Why should you start using a business LMS?

An LMS is an amazing platform that can do wonders for improving training activities and boosting employee productivity.

Reasons higher engagement

Higher training engagement rates

"30% of L&D professionals planned to incorporate games and simulations in their e-learning program for 2020" eLearning Industry
Reasons increased achievement

Increased employee performance

"68% of people prefer to learn within the workplace" eLearning Industry
Reasons time saver

Saves time on training tasks

"82% of L&D managers said that reporting analytics is one of the most important features of LMS" Learning Technologies
Reasons increase revenue

Increased revenue from selling online courses

"The global LMS market size is projected to reach $38.10 billion by 2027" Fortune Business Insights
Reasons accessibility

Accessibility and flexibility

"58% of employees prefer self-paced training" eLearning Industry
Reasons reduced costs


"For every dollar spent, IBM claims that it saw $30 in increased productivity" eLearning Industry

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